Hand Carved Stone Reliefs


Decorators and landscape architects often create an artistic focal point to denote the character of a home. A unique, hand carved stone relief from tropical Southeast Asia provides this intriguing feature to your home’s entryway, garden wall, patio area, or an interior room.

Pick from our one-of-a-kind hand-carved masterpieces or we can create custom designs and sizes to satisfy your unique location challenges and specifications or particular design theme.

We also offer small, hand-carved flowers and other repeat pattern motifs that can serve as accent pieces. Many of our carvings are carved through to produce a decorative vent or light source in a wall.

All of our stone reliefs are cut from the finest grade of dense, color consistent limestone available in Southeast Asia. The slabs and blocks are transported to our talented Balinese stone carvers, who create intricate three-dimensional designs in a variety of motifs

Lasting Beauty

Our carved stone panels can be installed using readily available materials and fasteners. The dense limestone allows these panels to withstand all weather conditions, and they can be hung so that they can be removed or relocated if necessary. They can also be mounted as freestanding displays.

You can specify whether or not you’d prefer your finished relief to be sealed to maintain the colors of the carved stone. Left untreated, the dense limestone eventually will take on an antique, weathered look with accents of moss.