Custom Wood Moldings

Finishing Touches for a Unique Home

Hyperion Imports offers a broad range of custom moldings. From hand carved moldings and trim crafted from exotic wood, to and an unusual collection of stone molding and marble molding.

The company also offers a selection of custom railings, carved columns, door frames, fireplace mantles and custom cabinet doors (carved cabinet doors and inlay cabinet doors) – transforming living space into exquisite detailed beauty. Among the preferred timber species used are merbau, teak, ulin, camphor and palm-wood – the outcome resulting in a most striking effect.

Hyperion is environmentally conscientious, using non rain-forest wood from controlled forested areas. The owners personally supervise and inspect the milling and drying process. State-of-the-art machinery and drying kilns are used to prepare the wood for fabricating and carving by Hyperion’s expert Asian craftsmen.

Hyperion woods are carefully monitored and supervised throughout the fabricating process to assure that the end product will withstand the rigors of climatic variables throughout the world.