Finishing Touches for a Unique Home

In addition to the manufacturing of doors and windows, cabinets and rails, and other artful, but utilitarian items for villas, Hyperion often consults its clients in helping to identify unique hardware that compliment these custom items. And more often than not, Hyperion supervises the installation of the doors and hardware to be sure that the craftsmanship is to the highest standards.

Over time and trial, we have learned about many closure systems that are both functionally ideal, long lasting, and aesthetically suited for our products. There are many, but there was room to be more creative and to be able to offer truly one of a kind pieces to our clients. Thus started the Hyperion hardware line. We have developed many custom pieces for our clients over the years, and will continue to encourage the creative minds of our in house designers to add fascinating ideas to our collections. Below are a few, but you will see these change and grow as we create and add new designs to our collection.