Custom Furniture

Mass-produced furniture is always a compromise. It’s not normally sized for the room and it certainly does not have the exclusivity of a custom-made heirloom quality piece. Hyperion Imports offers the widest range of fully custom, beautifully crafted, and visually striking pieces.

Only your imagination limits what Hyperion can create. Picture the impact of a custom hand-carved piece of furniture made from the finest quality materials and perfectly sized to a particular room. Imagine the dramatic impact it will have on your home decor.

Fine Furniture Begins With Fine Wood

Even in high-end mass produced furniture, the use of wood veneer has become quite commonplace. When considering antique furniture, are veneers used? Will the furniture you purchase today ever become tomorrow’s antique?

Perhaps you want furniture with unique visual style and beauty that lasts through years of use, or furniture that is perfectly sized to your room and says “exclusivity”.

Or maybe a piece of furniture that will become a family heirloom. Hand-carved, custom crafted wood from Hyperion Imports addresses all your furniture ideas.

Exotic Wood

Fresh cut merbau wood has a yellowish to orange-brown color that darkens to a reddish brown. It is a very hard wood with exceptional dimensional stability and is one of the strongest high density woods available in the world. Hyperion also uses other fine renewable sources of wood grown in Southeast Asia such as teak, ulin, kampor, palm wood, nangka and bingkirai.

On furniture pieces such as bars, desks,and vanities, you have a wide choice of custom made tops. We stock a variety of furniture pieces in our warehouse/showroom where you may find the perfect piece, or view a piece that will be the starting point in designing your own custom furniture.