Custom Flooring – Wide and Long Plank

A variation of wide and long planks of exotic tropical woods produce a magnificent wood floor. It is unquestionably the best way to add warmth and a sense of quality to a room, staircase or an entire home.

Hyperion Imports offers only the finest solid wide plank wood flooring from Indonesia, including merbau and palm wood. Merbau wood is reddish brown in color with a vibrant grain that varies from straight to interlocked or wavy throughout the wood. It is harder and denser than most hardwoods. Our Merbau flooring is readily available in 5 5/8″ width by 6 to 10 feet lengths.

Wider and longer merbau planks can be fabricated for special orders. The palm wood flooring features a rich golden brown color streaked with dark brown wood fibers. The most desirable palms used for wood flooring and wood columns are about 15 years old, making them an easily renewable and sustainable source of lumber. Hyperion always uses non rain-forest wood from controlled forested areas so that customers may enjoy an environmentally friendly floor.

To ensure quality, logs are hand picked and processed using professionally equipped sawmills and state-of-the-art wood drying kilns. The result is floor that is extraordinarily durable with outstanding beauty.

Whether choosing merbau or palm wood or one of the other exotic species, Hyperion floors are designed and manufactured for a lifetime of beauty.

Custom Cut Stone and Marble

Hyperion International can also provide custom cut, high-quality stone and marble flooring to suit your unique creative designs. Sourced from various high-grade locations throughout south-east Asia, our exclusive stone and marble floor options can be a distinct, characteristic feature to highlight your property. Style and shape options are limited only to the imagination and Hyperion International is equipped with the industry knowledge and experience to help you achieve your design dreams.