Doors & Windows

Hand Crafted Wooden Doors

Life’s journey takes us through many doors – but none more exquisite than a Hyperion door. Hyperion Imports utilizes a variety of exotic hardwoods in the fabrication of their doors. From the selection of logs, through the supervision of the milling and drying process, Hyperion assures consistent quality and durability. Both function and form are considered in creating each door, as it will become an integral part of the home for generations.

A Door as a Work of Art

Employing the most talented Indonesian craftsmen, Hyperion Imports is able to deliver a solid hardwood door; whether an exquisitely carved door or un-carved. Or a custom inlayed door with your personal design, and constructed to astonish you. Using our or your designs, our carvers create three dimensional scenes that depict exotic birds, bamboo forests, seascapes, and tropical rain forests. You may also choose or create designs of your own to incorporate in the door motif, or enjoy the un-carved beauty of the natural wood.

A door is a functional part of a home’s architecture. Whether an exterior or interior door, it is an entryway for the eye as well as the body. A solid wood door from Hyperion Imports will bring the stunning art of wood design to your home.