Unique Countertops

Finishing Touches for a Unique Home

Natural Inlaid Surfaces – A Twist on the Traditional

Natural shell inlay for counter tops and other surfaces offers a unique alternative to granite, laminate and composite materials commonly used in today’s homes. Hyperion Imports offers a solution for those seeking something unique. Coconut – shell, natural mother-of Pearl, crosscut cinnamon, or bamboo counter tops and surfaces are some of the choices among our exotic collection of inlaid surfaces. We take pride in offering our clients the best of both worlds; breathtaking grandeur combined with remarkable durability.

In the fabrication process of inlaying coconut shell, actual coconuts are broken and patterns are creatively designed and permanently bonded to a MDF backing. The surface is then sealed with several layers of premium polyurethane to produce an extremely strong and smooth surface. The result is a combination of both beauty and strength, which will endure the rigors of the busiest of kitchens.

The same meticulous steps are applied when fabricating surfaces using inlaid material made from bamboo, cinnamon, palm wood, natural mother-of-pearl or tree bark. These surfaces offer an intriguingly artistic visual of geometric patterns and colors that must be seen to be appreciated.