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Bali House – Boch Cay, Bahamas

Bali House – Boch Cay, Bahamas

The Bali House was designed by the renowned tropical architecture firm of GM Architects. Gianni Francione and Mauro Garavoglia met with the owners of these islands and set about creating a truly amazing home on the roughly 3 hector island of Neighbor Cay, a private island in the southern Bahamas islands of Exuma.

A private home was to be built on a private island that’s only access is by seaplane or boat. This project had many unique challenges. The waters around the island are shallow, so moving material and equipment requires special equipment and knowledge. Hyperion was selected to supply and fabricate the majority of materials and components for this project.

The home consists of 3 sections under 3 large roofs.

The 1st challenge was to follow the architect’s design and plan, and at the same time build the roof structures strong enough to withstand hurricanes that frequent these islands. After making many inquiries to fabricators using various materials, we ended up contracting an International company with facilities in Indonesia, and with experience in these type of custom fabrications.

The roof rafters and beams had to span large areas with minimum supports, so they had to be very strong. We used laminated merbau for the center ridges, perlins and main structural joists; some stretching up to 22 meters / 73’ long. The fabrication took close to a year to finish. The roof structures were then assembled in a warehouse in Indonesia, inspected by the architects, and once approved, disassembled and containerized for the long and complicated journey to the Islands via ships and barges.

Our contractor and supervisors worked alongside the local general contractor to assemble the roofs on site.

Hyperion also supplied all the interior finish materials and stone needed for cladding, floors, swimming pools, etc., and was contracted to fabricate and install all the doors and windows. 16 containers of materials in all.