Developing Extreme Projects in Extreme Locations Around The Globe
Custom Fabricators of Asian-Inspired Architectural Accents
Hyperion International & Hyperion Imports

Hyperion Projects and Client Representation

Hyperion has taken on a committed role as agents for owners, designers and architects in the building of extreme projects in extreme locations around the world. We’ve found that the numerous challenges of building

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Custom Details for a Custom Home

Hyperion International has been providing custom, hand-crafted design elements for exclusive properties around the world since 1994. Originally established as Hyperion Imports, we pride ourselves on offering a top-quality product that suits the needs and character of our client’s individual properties.

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Hand Crafted Wooden Doors

Life’s journey takes us through many doors – but none more exquisite than a Hyperion door. Hyperion Imports utilizes a variety of exotic hardwoods in the fabrication of their doors. From the selection of logs, through the supervision of the milling and drying process, Hyperion assures consistent quality and durability. Both function and form are considered in creating each door, as it will become an integral part of the home for generations.

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